Liability occurs for many reasons. As a result of your own actions or negligence, or the behaviour of someone else for whom you are responsible. It settles the compensation or repair of damages incurred. If you are confronted with a claim, in whatever shape or form, liability law is of crucial importance. Accidents do happen and sometimes have serious consequences.

We investigate and assess who is responsible for any damage incurred. With our many years of experience and expertise we are able to provide support and advice to private individuals, insurers, insurance agents and businesses. Because we are familiar not only with liability law, but also with other branches of law that correlate with this subject matter, e.g. construction law and transport law, we are able to offer our clients very comprehensive services and support.

In addition to holding others who have caused you damage responsible, we assess the extent of the damage and will put up a sound defence against any claims directed at you. We also prepare damage reports and investigate whether instigation of a procedure is the correct approach.


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